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Contoh Recount Text

Contoh Recount Text. Secara umum, recount text memiliki isi dan fungsi hampir sama seperti narrative text, yaitu sebuah tulisan yang dikemas dalam bentuk cerita, yang mengisahkan kejadian masa lalu dengan teks bahasa Inggris  yang komunikatif. Anda mencari contoh recount text ? Berikut ini contoh recount text.

Contoh Recount Text – Visiting Bali


There were many interesting places that can be visited when you go to the Bali. I and my friend decided to join with a tour to see as much as we can. My friend stayed in Kuta when arrival. He decided 3 days for swimming and surfing in the Kuta beach. He spent three days for swimming, surfing and walking the Kuta beach. He visited some tour agents such and determined two destinations. At the first is Ubud and next to the Singaraja.

My friend and their group went to the mountain. Singaraja was medium city with 90 thousand of people. It was a busy town but so calm. The way was fulfilled by old Holland homes and many of trees, and then they had late to come back to Kuta.

Tour on Ubud was the most exciting. It went not to see the views but just for saw the artwork and culture on the island. The first stop was at Batu Bulan, it was a center of stone sculpture. There, my friend saw a young boy was carving away at big stone. That was amazing artwork ever seen. The next stop was at Celuk. It was a central for golden smiths of the silversmiths. Then he stopped for a moment while for lunch at Sukawati and on to mass. Mass was a tourist central that fulfilled by many busy people who want to pray and see the cultural ceremonies. I was so happy and so did my friend.

Seperti contoh recount text diatas, penyusunan paragraph Recount Text harus ditulis secara berurutan mulai dari orientation (tokoh dan tempat kejadian), events (kronologi cerita) dan reorientation (ending cerita) sehingga cerita tidak monoton dan enak dibaca. Sekian contoh recount text untuk anda, semoga bermanfaat.

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